Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A little goat love in the winter

This winter has been getting long. There have been so many school cancellations and although the sheer quantity of snow makes for great play opportunities, the wind chill sometimes makes it a little less fun to stay out of doors. One way we've been beating cabin fever is by going to a friend's awesome farm to spend time with some of her animals.  Island Hill Farm has a lot more than goats, but I had to be hands-free during the baby bunny cuddle time to make sure that our children handled them properly; likewise for the cats. The alpacas, pigs, ducks, chickens, donkey and horse are all sweet too, but the only animals I got a chance to photograph the kids with were the goats.

Besides, those are the most important animals there in my opinion! As someone who is slowly pining away for a couple of little backyard does, it does my heart good to spend some time with these ones and it helps tide me over.

Forgive the photo quality, I just had my phone with me. My husband is the family photographer and he isn't always around to document the fun!

This boy actually says that one of his favourite things in the world is "goat snuggles".

I am learning just how much like a goat she actually is--sweet but a bit naughty, getting into trouble and making me laugh all at once.

The sunshine on the straw makes for a cozy place to curl up with a friend.

He loved that this little pygmy was pawing him on the leg; I personally fell in love with that Nubian.

This about sums up my two children right here.  Gentle and calm on the right, wild and wonderful on the left.

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